Friday, June 29, 2007


Today I'm off to Carlisle, PA to attend a retirement party, Tim served 36 years as a teacher / administrator in the public school system. The state of Pennsylvania offers a decent pension to it's employees, I on the other hand work in the private sector and have to set aside my own money for retirement. When you look at these numbers you have to wonder if it's possible to save enough money so you don't out live your savings.

Did you know?

• In 1907 the life expectancy of men was 45.6 years and women
49.9. Infant mortality was 9.99%.
• In 1957 the life expectancy of men was 66.4 years and women
72.7. Infant mortality was 2.63%.
• In 2007 the life expectancey of men is 75.5 years and women
80.7. Infant mortality is .68%.
• Remember: half of us will live beyond the average.

Source: AARP Bulletin

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