Thursday, June 28, 2007

New house

Work on the new house started with the official sale of the property on 25 June 2007. The next day they tied ribbons on the power and telephone lines, scrapped off the top soil and laid a bed of stones for the driveway. On 27 June they dropped off a bobcat and put snow fence around trees they wanted to keep; later that night we had an inch of rain. So on the 28th crews showed up to cut down trees, they positioned the largest truck on the street and the smaller truck with the chipper backed into the driveway. Well the driveway is short and the chipper went into the mud and sank up to the axle. They pulled the chipper from the mud with the bobcat and cut down 8 trees. These were old growth oak trees about 75 feet tall. I don't know what the tree trunks weigh but there is no way they can get the logs removed until the ground dries up...I stand corrected.

At 7:30 AM Friday morning the crew showed up with a logging truck that backed off the driveway and sank it wheels in the mud. The driver kept the wheels spinning and drove far enough into the yard so the crane could reach the logs. I started taking pictures thinking the truck would sink with the added weight of the logs. When the truck was loaded the driver tried to leave but the wheels were spinning and the truck was sliding sideways. Then it started raining so I headed inside to get ready for work. The driver got back in the truck and with the bobcat pushing the truck from behind they managed to get out of the mud and on the street.


Don said...

What a job!!

I think you were happy to see them go.

Bob said...

I've always enjoyed watching big machinery at work so I didn't mind the noise. It looks like I'll have to work from home if I really want to watch the house construction.