Saturday, June 16, 2007

New house

They sold the lot across the street from me and I'm going to start taking pictures as they build the house. My house was built in 1999 and none of the neighbors took pictures as the house was built, and when I showed up to buy the house the walls were up and the roof was on the house.

The house on the corner had a pool in their backyard and it turns out the pool was built across the property line of their lot and another lot they owned. The owners decided to get rid of the pool and sell the lot. I didn't get pictures before the pool was removed, but this is what it looks like after the pool was removed. The builder should start construction next week.
My plan is to take a picture everyday once construction starts so we can build a time lapse slide show of the construction.

I'm looking forward to having another house on the street. Most of the houses on this street were built in the late 40's and mine was built when one of the original home owners sold off a extra lot they had purchased. I have the most expensive house on the street and the new house is about $150,000 dollars more than my house is appraised for. I'm hoping the new house helps increase the value of all the homes on the street.

There is a vacant house near by that sits on 3 acres of land. They are going to tear down the house and build 4 house with prices starting around $600,000 dollars. Right now the property is a forest of old growth oak trees 80 feet tall. We hear the builder has final approval and construction should start this summer.

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Lorie said...

I can't believe your slacker neighbors didn't take pix of your house as it was being built. Had I been a neighbor at that point I certainly would have.