Wednesday, July 25, 2007

New house construction started

After a couple weeks of no activity it looks like they have all the permits in place to start construction. Yesterday the builder dropped off a front end loader and this morning the surveyor started staking out the house. When I got home tonight there was a large pile of topsoil pushed to the back of the lot and stakes marked the corners of the house, garage and porch. The house is farther down the street than I thought it would be but I still don't know where the property lines are since they never marked it with stakes. Maybe the house is centered on the lot and I just can't visualize it yet.

Piper and I went for a walk and stopped to say hello to the former owner of the lot who was outside in his yard with the kids. They told me the construction had stirred up a bees nest. After watching a couple of bees get too close for comfort Piper and I went for our walk.

By the time Piper and I returned from our walk Lucas and Lorie had been stung by a bee. Lucas is fascinated with bugs and he'll pick up any bug and show it to you. Maybe now he'll leave the bees alone.

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