Monday, July 23, 2007

Autumn Blaze Red Maple

This spring we discovered one of the oak trees had carpenter ant damage. We decided to remove the tree on our terms rather than wait for the tree to die. This is the fourth tree I've had removed in 8 years, none of the other tree were strategically located to shade the house like this tree. The base of the tree was almost four feet across and the tree was about ninety feet tall. When they ground out the tree stump I had 5 yards of mulch and a huge hole in the yard.

This week we had a new tree delivered and I planted it today. Almost every tree in the neighborhood is an oak and I decided to plant a maple. I planted a scarlet maple at my last house and the leaf color in fall was a beautiful scarlet red. Today I planted a hybrid maple called Autumn Blaze. This is a hybrid of the red and silver maple trees. I like the fact that the tree doesn't produce seed pods and has red leaves in the fall.

The new tree.

Some example pictures of Autumn Blaze Maple trees displaying their fall colors.

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