Thursday, July 26, 2007

Celtic Heritage Festival

Saturday we attended the Celtic Heritage Festival at Graeme Park in Horsham, Pennsylvania. This one day festival celebrates Scottish heritage or at least that's how they promoted the event. I have not attended the event in three years and this year they couldn't find a sponsor so there were no highland games. There were 5 clans in attendance; Clan Scott, Clan McAllister, Clan Campbell, Clan Donald and Clan Gunn. Music was provided by The Hooligans and Carl Peterson.

To increase attendance the organizers opened the event to the dog rescue groups in the area. I own a dog and I have nothing against dogs but this Scottish festival was more dog show than Scottish festival. My observation's was half the people at the event had brought dogs and these dog owners only stayed for a couple of hours. Most people that attend Celtic Festivals plan on staying all day and spending money. Some of the vendors complained about poor sales.

So here are my pictures from the dog show.

Walking through the dog rescue section and I noticed this dog standing on his hind legs. As soon as I stopped to take his picture the other dog popped up to get his picture taken too.

These playful puppies eat a lot of dog food, over 100 pounds a month the owner replied. The dog rescue area was out in the sun so the owner brought the dogs to the shade behind the clan tents. The dogs played and slept in the cool grass next to the creek.

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