Monday, July 30, 2007

Covered bridges

Yesterdays picture was the inside of a covered bridge, but you already figured that out didn't you? On Saturday Carol and I toured Lancaster County, Pennsylvania looking for covered bridges. Most of the bridges were the same reddish color and style.

This picture of the Kurtz's Mill Covered bridge caught my attention because the dots of light on the road draw you into the bridge. The lack of road signs also made this a photogenic covered bridge.

Another interesting picture was this sign on the inside of the bridge. The sign was on the Zook's Mill Covered Bridge about 6 feet above the bridge deck. I guesstimate the water was 15 feet below the bridge deck so during the flood the water must have been 21 feet higher than it was on Saturday. Hurricane Agnes brought parts of Pennsylvania as much as 19 inches of rain and extensive flooding to the eastern half of Pennsylvania.

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