Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Handblown glassware

I was at the Simon Pearce studio and watched them make glassware. A kiln is heated to 3600 degrees Fahrenheit and a mixture of silica, sodium carbonate, lime and for certain type of fine glassware lead is added to the mixture.

The glassware starts with molten glass shaped in a mold which is reheated after attaining the desired shape. The assistant draws some glass from the kiln and adds it to the piece. That glass adds the stem to the glassware.

They heat the piece one more time and the assistant draws more glass from the kiln. Here we see glass added to the stem which will form the base of the glassware.

After heating the glassware another time the glassblower opens the top and starts to give shape to the glassware.

A little more shaping to open up the glassware and it's all done.

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