Monday, September 24, 2007

Cape D'Or Lighthouse

Cape D'Or Lighthouse

This is a view of the Cape D'Or lighthouse in Nova Scotia, Canada. Just to the right of the lighthouse is the fog horn. The building on the right is the keepers residence and restaurant, the bottom building is the assistant keepers house which is used as the B&B housing. They have four rooms available and I suggest you book a room well in advance.

The lighthouse is reached via a 6 mile drive on an unpaved road which takes you to a parking lot on top of the cliffs. Then you have a 500 yard hike down a deeply rutted road to get to the lighthouse. But the trip was worth it, the sunset and sunrise were spectacular.

--Gannon with a Canon


MyTwoCents said...

You forgot to mention that photos just can't do justice to the vistas. Well worth the experience! The restuarant, surprisingly, was 5 star in quality!

Bob said...

Agreed, the visit to Cape D'Or is worth it even if you have to extend your stay in Nova Scotia to get a room at the lighthouse. If you go, take a tripod for your camera and be prepared to take lots of pictures.