Saturday, August 16, 2008

Directv Blimp

I had just left the office when I looked up and saw the Directv blimp out in the distance. It looked like the Directv blimp was circling over Valley Forge National Historic Park. I made my way to the park and shot some photos of the blimp directly over head but that didn't provide much perspective. Here is a photo of the Directv blimp moving away from the park.

You can buy the photo here and view my other blimp photos on Photrade.

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timsdd said... does one get a ride on one of those!

Bob said...

Good question Tim, I wish I knew the answer.

The blimp must be stationed near by since I've seen it on more than one occasion. I'll have to find out where it lands and see what it takes to get a ride. I'll bet there are some great photo ops from a blimp.