Monday, July 28, 2008

Kimberton Fair - pie eating contest

This young lady didn't win the pie eating contest but her hair was the same color as the blueberry pie, that should count for something.

I want to know why the Kimberton fair placed the contestants on a platform 8 feet above the ground? No one could could tell who was winning or take any photos of the contestants. How about next year if the contest is held at ground level?

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Mike Fitzgerald said...

I think ground level would be equally as difficult to see unless 1. you were in the first few rows or 2. the audience was on risers/bleachers.

They could perhaps build a stage the is raked (sloped) towards the audience so the table and the contestant are facing slightly down hill...... I'm not sure what that would do to the eating process though :-)

Bob said...

Everyone was holding cameras over their heads trying to get a photo when some guy climbed the stairs and started taking pictures, so I did the same. Carol told me later the other guy was with the press.

I had the better camera so it looked like I belonged up there. Perception is reality.