Monday, June 30, 2008

Clan Scott modern red tartan

A Scotsman at the Celtic Fling wearing the modern red tartan of the Clan Scott. I was surprised to see my own picture in the Celtic Fling program. It was a photo of me carrying the Scottish flag in the parade but the photo is not on the web site so I cannot link to the photo.

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David said...


Do you have rights to this photo? If so, why don't you submit it to the Stag & Thistle for publication?

BTW, I didn't realize you were a photographer. I considered going pro decades ago. We'll have to compare f-stops sometime!

David Scott

Bob said...


I'll ask the model if he would like to have his photo in the Stag & Thistle. I took 130 photos so I'm sure we can find a couple of photos for publication.